How to get, maintain and get rid of tan?

If we were to create a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning tanning, these three queries would be on the podium: how to get tanned? how to make tan last? how to get rid of tan? Are there any failproof methods to solve these problems? Keep on reading to find out.

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How to get tan?

There are quite a few factors which really matter in the tanning process. The first one is the natural (skin's) ability to react to UV rays in the form of a tan rather than a sunburn. These features are classified with accordance to the Fitzpatrick's scale and the first one of them - celtic skin type - stands for the skin's inability to tan which results from melanin deficiency. Other obstacles to getting tanned are listed and described here!

Providing that none of the above troubles occurs in your case, still there are a few issues which influence the efficacy of tanning. Let's start with getting ready for the tanning session. When the skin surface is smooth, it absorbs UV rays more effectively. For the same reason you should start tanning at home by removing the dead skin cells and keeping your skin properly moisturized. If the epidermis is shedding, its roughness acts as a kind of barrier for UV rays to get into the deeper skin layers where the tanning process takes place. Another highly significant issue is choosing the appropriate length and frequency of the tanning sessions. You should always use common sense and follow the staff's guidelines. And above all, never force tan: tanning is a process which requires patience before you can enjoy the expected results. However, there are a few ways to tan smart. One of them is using appropriate tanning lotions which can help you obtain the dream effect in shorter time. How does it exactly work? We described that mechanism here! The last thing we need to mention here is moisturizing your skin from within, for example by drinking lots of water and following a diet rich in carotene.

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How to make your tan last?

It's common knowledge that a beautifully tanned skin improves our mood and helps us feel better. Therefore it is really good to know how to make both your tan and good mood last. Let's start by explaining why tan is not permanent. Our skin constantly undergoes certain processes, one of them being the shedding of its outer layer and replacing old skin cells with new ones. As a result, the tan-carrying cells disappear after some time. The only way to slow this process down is conditioning your skin and keeping it properly moisturized. This trick works especially as a way of prolonging the life of your fake tan. We should also mention that the effect you obtain by sunbathing or using sunbeds can be prolonged and enhanced by using sunbeds occasionally (even though regularly); these sessions can take place one-two times a week and can be shorter than the ones we usually choose to get tanned.

How to get rid of tan?

It can happen that our tan does not meet our expectations and we want to get rid of it. Is it possible? Yes, but it is not that easy. Sometimes a better solution is to even your tan. This can be achieved by applying a fake tan product (such as a tanning lotion or a tanning mousse) over the unevenly tanned body part or nasty tanlines. Unattractive tan can also be caused by spray tan fails or other fake tan products. In such a case the best idea is to act against the regular guidelines, for example by taking hot baths, using exfoliators and rubbing your skin with a massage glove or a rough sponge. Some tanners opt for skin-drying agents and products enriched with vitamin C or retinol. These can be, however, slightly risky treatments which can lead to skin irritations.

To sum it up, each stage of tan's life requires patience. Therefore, you should not force your tan and be gentle when you want to get rid of it. And when you want your tanned skin to look really pretty, be sure you give it the care it deserves.

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